Best Debut Director Award Won By Mr. Kiran Khatiwada

 Award Winning Historic  Director Kiran Khatiwada with his Family and Bollywood Actor Shree Sachin Chhaber
  Award Winning Historic Director Kiran Khatiwada with his Family and Bollywood Actor Shree Sachin Chhaber

The first Everest International Film Festival held on January 10,2020 aimed  providing a common platform for the cinemas of world to project the excellence of the film art, contributing to the understanding and appreciation of film cultures of different nations in the context of their social and cultural ethos and promoting friendship and cooperation among people of the world. 

Award Winning Historic Director Kiran Khatiwada with the other Guests of Everest International Film Festival
  Award Winning Historic Director Kiran Khatiwada with the other Guests of Everest International Film Festival

The film festival held on Siliguri, had a huge crowd of Actors, Actresses, Director, producers . The program took place on ” Uttar Bang Marwadi Palace” where films of different languages, cultures and social differences were shown. The event was inaugurated by Dr. P. D Bhutia, R. K Goyal and other guests.

 The Director of Festival  Shree Sanjay Kumar Verma and Festival Chairperson Shree Mohan Das said ” Today in this festival different short movies, picture films, documentary  will be shown”. The films of India, Poland, Nepal, America and Turkey were participated in the Film Fest. The festival was held to certify with respect to the film of the  film industry. Out of 100 films, 28  selected films were shown where short films, picture films, web series & music album  were selected. The festival was held between 17 different countries. 
Multi Talented Historic Director Kiran Khatiwada Receiving Best Jury Film 8th Santhali & Regional Film Festival AISFA  Jharkhand
 Multi talented Historic Director Kiran Khatiwada Receiving Best Jury Film 8th Santhali & Regional Film Festival AISFA Jharkhand 
    In the 1st Everest  International Film Festival  Mr. Kiran Khatiwada was awarded for the Best Debut  Director for his work on Bonodal ( The Change) First Historic Award winning indigenous santhali feature film Bonodal ( The Change ) . He represented our country Nepal in international platform which is a supreme thing to the Nepalese people. Till today, the Bonodal
( The Change )  has won  altogether 3 awards i. e. Best Debut director ( Everest International Film Festival 2020 ), Best Cinematography ( 8th Santhali Film RASCA Awards 2017 ), Best Jury Film ( 8th Santhali & Regional Film Festival AISFA 2017 ) & Nominated in 11 category .Till now Bonodal is not released the makers are  planning only for special shows and award festivals .
Multi Talented Historic Director Kiran Khatiwada Receiving Best Cinematographer 8th Santhali  RASCA Awards 2017 Jharkhand
Multi Talented Historic Director Kiran Khatiwada Receiving Best Cinematographer 8th Santhali RASCA Awards 2017 Jharkhand
   Mr. Khatiwada says “I have worked very hard for this day, today I am  very happy for my achievements  & I felt so proud to receive award in front of my father and mother  “. Now, Khatiwada will be getting into the Bollywood industry with his upcoming Hindi Feature title hold  ” Tujhsa Zameen Pe Kahan “.
Kiran Khatiwada with his father Khanga Prasad Khatiwada and mother Devi Khatiwada
 Kiran Khatiwada with his father Khanga Prasad Khatiwada and mother Devi Khatiwada

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Kiran Khatiwada was honored with ‘SUBHAKAMANA PATRA’

On December 4, 2019 The Art Studio organized a grand musical event night on the 29th remembrance of the emperor of voice Late Mr. NARAYAN GOPAL in Birtamode-2, Charpane, Jhapa, Nepal.The event was conducted with the aim of saving the cultural Nepali Music. Late NARAYAN GOPAL was a prominent popular singer and music composer.He was regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of Nepal.On the program night, many respected persons were called and honored.The organizer was Mrs. Santa Devi Poudel and event chairperson was Mr. Prakash Dahal.

The vocal and music teacher Mr.Gurudev Kamant was called as the Chief Guest of the event.The event included different practices. Mr.Gurudev Kamant was also honored for his achievements in life.He also performed on few songs on the stage.The other respected person vocal and music teacher  Mr. Hari Prasad Dahal ( Hery R.D ) was also honored for his great achievements in life. He even performed on the stage to the audience.

Film Director/Producer Mr.Kiran Khatiwada was also called and honored with ‘SUBHAKAMANA PATRA’ for his achievements in the Nepal’s first Santali film “Bonodal”, it’s selection in the International Everest Film Festival, Mumbai and for his entry in Bollywood Industry through the project named as  “Tujhsa Zameen Pe Kahan” . Along with Mr.Kiran Khatiwada, CMD & CEO of  Filmy Sansaar Mr.Saajan Verma “Sanjay” was also honored. He have given a years of  his life to the Bollywood industry.He is also the organizer of International Everest Film Festival. He was honored for playing a role in making the relationship of both Indian and Nepali cinema stronger. The members of Art Studio also performed songs. Also the other parts were covered by speech and by distributing honoring letters to the respected and deserving people. The event ended with the deliver of speech from the respected and honored people. Everyone took the pictures with each other created a memory and the event was successful.

To Secure His Dreams He Spent 7 Long Years In Abroad Mr. Amar Shrestha

Mr. Amar Shrestha
Mr. Amar Shrestha

Mr. Amar Shrestha is born on Laxminaya-8, Himalibas ,Rautahat Nepal . His parents are Late Mr. Govind Bdr. Shrestha and  Mrs. Kamala Devi Shrestha. Mr. Shrestha is married to Mrs. Ritu Shrestha and they have two children’s named as Abhishek Shrestha and Anjolika Shrestha. He also have two other brothers Arjun Shrestha  and Ashok Shrestha . Mr.Shrestha is working as the investor in the Inspire Media Production House Pvt. Ltd. 

Mr. Ashok Shrestha Middle with his Chunky Family
Mr. Ashok Shrestha with his Chunky Family

           Also, Mr.Amar  is currently running Sagun Bakery Cafe in Chapur, Rautahat  & Chunky Restaurant in Nijgad , Nepal . He always had dream  opening a well managed Bakery house & restaurant in his own home town. To secure his dreams he spent 7 long years in abroad. He had a good earning there but he was unsatisfied. His soul was not happy so he came back and started his dream business.

Sagun Bakery Cafe Family
Sagun Bakery Cafe Family

Mr. Amar  is a very friendly person to the people . He says “I know only one thing if  we work hard towards our dream & desire  we will surely achieve anything that we want’’. I am so happy for whatever I have today. He says in upcoming days I will open many Sagun Bakery Cafe & Chunky Restaurant  branch in different places of Nepal. Mr. Amar says he have very big business plan in Hospitality Business.He have given job opportunity to over 30 people in his bakery Cafe & restaurant. He has an inspiring and struggling journey. He even had sell potato in the capital city of Nepal importing them from his home town. So, after all the struggle and hard work he has made his dream true and is happily living in the , Chandranigahapur , Rautahat Nepal.


Chunky Restaurant Family
Chunky Restaurant Family

Mr. Amar  is now the part of Inspire Media Production House and he says that ” I feel so lucky to be the part of this production house whose future is so bright in coming days “. He is also very thankful to the C. E.O Mr. Kiran Khatiwada who had given him the chance to be the part of this Historic Journey. Here, Mr. Amar promises to the Inspire family of working with all the heart, soul, dedication and respect in the upcoming business and projects. He adds giving a message to the upcoming member of Inspire Media Production House saying “ To all the upcoming members who are going to be the part of this big business, I want to say you all that this is the platform where you can embrace your talent so, work with a great heart and soul ’’. 


The Music Will Be Lunched In Mumbai

          Mumbai, The Music task for the upcoming Hindi Feature Film Tujhsa Zameen Pe Kahan is completed now, it took a year to complete six songs. Mr. Kiran Khatiwada says“Being the Director of the film I have put all my effort and idea for the music as per the content “. 

 The opening ceremony of the music arrangement was done by breaking the coconut in Mumbai . The music arranger and sound engineer  of the songs  is Mr. Bharat Biswa . The music is given by Mr. Rabi Rimal , Mr. Kiran Khatiwada , Mr. Manorath Rajbanshi & Mr. DFeign . In the film, the lyrics is given by Bimala Khatiwada , Kiran Khatiwada , DFeign and  Manorath Rajbanshi . The playback singers for the film are Rabi Rimal , Kiran Khatiwada , Akash Hingmang , Nikita Biswa & DFeign .

As per the Director  Mr.Kiran Khatiwada ” the musical team of upcoming Hindi Feature Film Tujhsa Zameen Pe Kahan has shown a great effort for the music and the final result is better than the expectation “. Now, very soon the music  will be lunched in Mumbai .The movie is going to be shoot in 29 state of India, including few places of Nepal like Kathmandu, Janakpur , Mustang,etc. The lead character playing in this movie are  Mr. Kiran Khatiwada , Miss. Sisam Malla Thakuri and Miss. Dimple Kharel and for other roles the team are selecting artist from India.Everyone in this project are at their initial stage and are debuting from upcoming Hindi Feature Film Tujhsa Zameen Pe Kahan .

This upcoming Hindi Feature Film Tujhsa Zameen Pe Kahan  is based on the true story between India and Nepal . Mr. Kiran Khatiwada has tried his best to show the Cultural, Emotional and  Historical attachment between these two countries. In this project Kiran Khatiwada is doing multiple jobs like Direction, Production, Editing, Script Writing,etc . As per the source  Mr. Kiran Khatiwada is collaborating with the Indian film banner for this project.

Our Task Will Be Liked And Loved By All The People

Mrs. Bimala Khatiwada Adhikari, daughter of Mr. Ram Pd. Khatiwada and Mrs. Muna Devi  Khatiwada is a lyrics writer in Inspire Media Production House Private Limited. She is married to Mr. Gopal Adhikari. Mrs. Bimala started writing from the age of 10.

Her First poem was “Khate Ko Bidambana” and this poem was the main key of starting of her writing career. She was a brilliant student and was very active in different social welfare organizations. She was the active member of “Scout”, ECCA [ Environmental Curriculum Association ] and “Amnesty International Nepal”. She was also the first secretary at “Mangala Devi Singh Sahana Pradha Sankalpa Lady Training Center”. 

Mrs. Bimala Khatiwada Adhikari likes dancing and painting. She is privileged to Inspire Media Production House for making her a part of it. She felt lucky to be a part of it. She say’s ” I am very happy to be a part of Inspire family and I will give all my efforts and talent for the welfare of the company “. Mrs. Bimala Khatiwada Adhikari is a very talented lady in terms of creative writing say’s the members of Inspire Media Production House. She is the brand creative writer of Inspire Media Production house Pvt. Ltd. She has written lyrics for the inspire’s second project “Tujhsa Zameen Pe Kahan”. She has done great job for this project say’s film Director / Producer. Now, she is currently working in writing other lyrics for the Inspire Media Production House 3rd project title not yet finalize .

She is eagerly waiting for her work to be flash among the people and is excited to know the response of audience to her work . She claims that “Our task will be liked and loved by all the people of all age group”. She is thankful to Inspire Media Production House Pvt.Ltd C.E.O / Founder / President Mr. Kiran Khatiwada for giving her such a big  platform. 

Our Work May Take Some Time

The upcoming 2nd  project of Inspire Media Production House Pvt.Ltd , Hindi Feature Film ” TUJHSA ZAMEEN PE KAHAN ‘s “ work progress is running very smoothly in its time . People have raised many questions about its released but they have not understood about the work process . This project will be the first Hindi project by a Nepalese team  so there is need of many legal document to establish a brand in Bollywood Industry,India . Mr. Kiran Khatiwada claims that there are many legal work left to be done which are the most important part of any business . The music work of the ” TUJHSA ZAMEEN PE KAHAN  ” is almost over . The team is about to begin their shoot but there is still a little time required to begin .

People must have the concept of every legal procedure to any business  and must know that this project plan is started by only a one man Mr. Kiran Khatiwada and he was encouraged by one of the respected person of the team and inspire family Mr. Manorath Rajbanshi . The team asks the people and the audiences to have some patience and wait for correct time .They guarantee that ‘Our work may take some time but we will come out with a best result ‘.  They says all the audiences will like our project and praise us about our work . Inspire team just hopes and asks the honest support of the people living all around the globe.

People will be updated for time to time and will be in touch about the project by all the official members of inspire family . The team says people not to make any wrong judgement of the work  and its time requirements. This is a history making project for the people of Nepal and India. This project is a big challenge to the team and they are working with all of their mind and heart for this upcoming Hindi Feature Film TUJHSA ZAMEEN PE KAHAN .


BONODAL Officially Selected in Everest International Film Festival 2019


Nepal’s first Santali film BONODAL produced from Inspire Media Production House Pvt.Ltd is officially selected  in Everest International Film Festival West Bengal India . Altogether , 50 countries are taking part in this film festival submitting there primitive project . This award will be held in September/October 2019 AD . This film festival works with the idea to save the religion of different traits of the society.

The Santal or Saontal (also spelled as Santal,Santar or Sonthal), are a scheduled tribe of people indigenous to Terai of Nepal and India, who live mainly in Nepal and the Indian States of Jharkhand, West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Assam (part of the Tea Tribes). There is also a significant Santal minority in neighboring Bangladesh, and a small population in Nepal (known as Santal in Nepal). They are one of the largest tribal communities in India .BONODAL which basically has a meaning (THE CHANGE) was made to save the identity and religion of the tribal community and to bring them front in the society together. This Film was Produced & Directed by Mr Kiran Khatiwada , Story , Script,  Screen Play , Dialogue was written by Kiran Khatiwada & Akash Kaduwal . Kiran Khatiwada has done many other works like Film Editing , Color Grade , Film D.O.P , Background Score , Cinematography , Casting Director etc. Here, the main leading actress was Kabita Baskey and Main leading Actor was Hasda Bayar. Assistant Director was Mr. Aakash Kaduwal. Music was Composed by Johna Kisku and Kiran khatiwada. There were other supporting artist , Rajan Baskey, Balaram Hemran , Dewan Tudu , Mohan Tudu  , Bikash Murmu.BONODAL was awarded in  Jharkhand  in two category i.e. Best Cinematography RASCA  award 2017 and in Best Jury Film AISFA Cine award 2017 . BONODAL was also nominated in 7 other category in RASCA award 2017 in the category like Best Director , Best Lyrics , Best Actress , Best Actor Supporting Role Male , Best Story , Best Music , Best Actor Character Role Male . And in 2 other category in AISFA Jharkhand Cine Awrad 2017  in the category like Best Actor Character Role Male , Best Actor Supporting Role Male



Mr.Rimal is getting big entry in the Bollywood Music Industry

Rami Rimal With His Family Members
   Rami Rimal With His Family Members

Mr. Rabi Kumar Rimal born on April 11 in 1973 B.S , son of Mr. Raghu Prasad Rimal and Mrs. Laxmi Rimal is a singer , lyrics writer, composer and a music director . He is married to Mrs. Saraswoti Marahattha .And he is the father of two children Aahana & Aashrya . Mr. Rimal is from Kirtipur Kathmandu where he is living with his family . Mr.Rimal in his school and college days was a shy and reserved kind of person .He had completed his master degree in Business Administration . 

SAD ROSE(old is gold) chari udhyo badal chuna lai......2001 bluck buster song and band
         SAD ROSE  CHARI UDYO BADAL CHUNA LAI    2001 – Blockbuster Song & Band 

Mr.Rimal started his musical career after his school in the year 2053 B.S. by forming his own band named as SAD ROSE . His first song was a song called “Chari Udyo Badal Chhunalai” which was also written and compose by himself. This song got a huge popularity among the Nepali people and was a blockbuster song at that period of time and also in today’s time in Nepali musical industry .

After this, he took a break for about 10 years for his studies and business. Now, for about two years ago, he is back to Nepali music industry. At present, he is the most demanded artist for the event shows. He is doing lots of event shows throughout the world . He also own’s his two milk factories which supplies pure and nutrient dairy products .

After, his this big achievements in life now, Mr.Rimal is getting big entry in the Bollywood music industry from Inspire Media Production House Pvt.Ltd – Situated at Charpane-2 ,Birtamode Jhapa Nepal . He say’s “I am very thankful to our CEO Mr.Kiran Khatiwada , who gave me this opportunity”.

Mr.Rimal has given vocal,   composed songs and he is the music director of the upcoming Bollywood feature film” Tujhsa Zameen Pe Kahan “. At the present,he is busy in events show’s running in different places of the country . And he is very excited , happy for the upcoming project which is very near to be in the floor .     

I Have Never Licked Anyone’s Back To Gain Name & Fame ( D’Feign )

Mr. Farendra Dhungana ( D’Feign ) Debuting in Bollywood Music Industry
Mr. Farendra Dhungana ( D’Feign ) Debuting in Bollywood Music Industry

Mr. Farendra Dhungana ( D’Feign ) is debuting in Bollywood music industry from” Tujhsa Zameen Pe Kahan” . Farendra cum D’Feign born on 1993, November 17 is from Birtamode , Jhapa Nepal .He is a Rapper and a Lyrics writer  . Son of Mr.Deha Pd Dhungana and Mrs.Chandrakala Dhungana , Mr.Farendra Dhungana have  faced a lots of obstacles and went through lots of bad days till date to be in this state where he is now .

He lost his father when he was 4 years of age , his life was shattered after this incident . Mr.Dhungana say’s ” I still remember the last time I saw my dad”. His elder brother Mr.Bed Pd Dhungana took all the responsibilities of the family when he was at the age of 20 . Mr.Dhungana says “My brother is my biggest inspiration , he is my hero” . He added ” my brother loves me a lot, he cared me like a father does to his child” . Mr. Dhungana  never felt absence of his father because of the love and care given by his brother . He is also so happy and blessed  to have a mother like Mrs. Chandrakala Dhungana who always stood with her child in all their bad times .

The thought of being a rapper came to his mind, when he started understanding the language of music .He listen’s to Eminem , Eyed-ea, Immortal techniques , 2 PAC , Dr. Dre etcs music. Then, he started doing research on Rap music and  the things like to write rap songs . He have spent 9 years of his life in this field but haven’t got a big achievement. Though,he have not got big achievements in his life , he is satisfied with whatever he have today .

Mr. Farendra Dhungana ( D’Feign ) Debuting in Bollywood Music Industry
Mr. Farendra Dhungana ( D’Feign ) Debuting in Bollywood Music Industry

He is an struggling artist and he says . “I have never licked anyone ‘s back to gain name & fame , I am always loyal with my work . Turning point came in his life  when he met the  multi-talented , award winning film maker Mr. Kiran Khatiwada who gave him a platform to show his talent. After listening to Mr. Dhungana’s songs and checking his lyrics,Mr. khatiwada was impressed .Mr. Dhungana  says “In our life we all meet our God father ,but its important to us to have a strong vision to know who that person is .He is doing best to success his dreams and make proud to his mother and brother .He say’s that “Failure is not the end , it’s an lesson that we learn for better future”. Now, Mr. Dhungana is busy in his music and is very focused for his career .

Hindi Feature Film “TUJHSA ZAMEEN PE KAHAN” based on a true story

Hindi Feature Film "TUJHSA ZAMEEN PE KAHAN" based on a true story
Hindi Feature Film “TUJHSA ZAMEEN PE KAHAN” based on a true story

Some comes in film industry because of there hobby and some with the aim of doing something big. So,is Mr. Kiran Khatiwada he thought of taking the film industry to the other level.Though he has done less number of works but they have got huge popularity and has gone to the next level as that of his thought .Mr. Khatiwada in 2005 AD when he was of 20 years, he debut as an Actor from the Nepali movie called JANMADIN . Again in 2006 he did another Koch Rajbanshi film BACHAN  .

He have done plenty of Nepali music videos which was all shoot in abroad  .He says “I have always thought of doing everything by myself ” .So now he is the Director,Producer,Actor,Music Director,Script writer,Film Editor, Singer etc.He wrote story in major time and made a film .He resembles that ,everyone used to give courage and supported him even his family but he was not happy from his soul because in big screen he feel he look like baby . Due to his Chocolaty / Baby look  in 2007 he went abroad to train himself and he did his best to stand himself he always focus on his career and task and that was only Film Industry , he added my international friends used to say me Kiran Bhai you are made to rule in Big Screen , he had given his soul to this Industry .But his dreams were not always staying in abroad , he was depressed for 17 days thinking about his journey till date and his dreams .Then,he urge to return back to his own country Nepal .

Hindi Feature Film "TUJHSA ZAMEEN PE KAHAN" based on a true story
Hindi Feature Film “TUJHSA ZAMEEN PE KAHAN” based on a true story

After returning back in 2016 he started his another phase of life i.e.(he established his own production house away from the valley Kathmandu, thinking of providing opportunity to the natural talent ) .Then he researched about the indigenous society. And  he  made a film on santali language which is the first Santali Film made in History of Nepali Film Industry .BONODAL has the meaning of “THE CHANGE” . After the film was made he was awarded in two title for best cinematography and best jury film in Jharkhand (INDIA).And he nominated in 6 more category.This film was the biggest change in his life which provided him the energy of doing other challenging task.Many people did not believed him while making BONODAL .In-fact ,they made his fun but today they are the only one who are surprised with his job.

Hindi Feature Film "TUJHSA ZAMEEN PE KAHAN" based on a true story
Hindi Feature Film “TUJHSA ZAMEEN PE KAHAN” based on a true story

He was honored by Ministry of information & communication, the reputed person of the society, councilor of the parliament, honored by highly reputed government respected person India and Nepal . He says, this is the business of IMAGINATION if God has given me that power, So why should I destroy my IMAGINATION. Kiran does all the task of film making, expect sound arranging, mixing & mastering. Kiran is the shining competent in today’s world. After the huge success from BONODAL. He is making Bollywood Hindi feature film   “TUJHSA ZAMEEN PE KAHAN” based on true story. And he himself is playing as an actor on that film.He adds more “All the legal procedure for making a Hindi film are over, and   shooting will be started soon”.