Kiran Khatiwada was honored with ‘SUBHAKAMANA PATRA’

On December 4, 2019 The Art Studio organized a grand musical event night on the 29th remembrance of the emperor of voice Late Mr. NARAYAN GOPAL in Birtamode-2, Charpane, Jhapa, Nepal.The event was conducted with the aim of saving the cultural Nepali Music. Late NARAYAN GOPAL was a prominent popular singer and music composer.He was regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of Nepal.On the program night, many respected persons were called and honored.The organizer was Mrs. Santa Devi Poudel and event chairperson was Mr. Prakash Dahal.

The vocal and music teacher Mr.Gurudev Kamant was called as the Chief Guest of the event.The event included different practices. Mr.Gurudev Kamant was also honored for his achievements in life.He also performed on few songs on the stage.The other respected person vocal and music teacher  Mr. Hari Prasad Dahal ( Hery R.D ) was also honored for his great achievements in life. He even performed on the stage to the audience.

Film Director/Producer Mr.Kiran Khatiwada was also called and honored with ‘SUBHAKAMANA PATRA’ for his achievements in the Nepal’s first Santali film “Bonodal”, it’s selection in the International Everest Film Festival, Mumbai and for his entry in Bollywood Industry through the project named as  “Tujhsa Zameen Pe Kahan” . Along with Mr.Kiran Khatiwada, CMD & CEO of  Filmy Sansaar Mr.Saajan Verma “Sanjay” was also honored. He have given a years of  his life to the Bollywood industry.He is also the organizer of International Everest Film Festival. He was honored for playing a role in making the relationship of both Indian and Nepali cinema stronger. The members of Art Studio also performed songs. Also the other parts were covered by speech and by distributing honoring letters to the respected and deserving people. The event ended with the deliver of speech from the respected and honored people. Everyone took the pictures with each other created a memory and the event was successful.