BONODAL Officially Selected in Everest International Film Festival 2019


Nepal’s first Santali film BONODAL produced from Inspire Media Production House Pvt.Ltd is officially selected  in Everest International Film Festival West Bengal India . Altogether , 50 countries are taking part in this film festival submitting there primitive project . This award will be held in September/October 2019 AD . This film festival works with the idea to save the religion of different traits of the society.

The Santal or Saontal (also spelled as Santal,Santar or Sonthal), are a scheduled tribe of people indigenous to Terai of Nepal and India, who live mainly in Nepal and the Indian States of Jharkhand, West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Assam (part of the Tea Tribes). There is also a significant Santal minority in neighboring Bangladesh, and a small population in Nepal (known as Santal in Nepal). They are one of the largest tribal communities in India .BONODAL which basically has a meaning (THE CHANGE) was made to save the identity and religion of the tribal community and to bring them front in the society together. This Film was Produced & Directed by Mr Kiran Khatiwada , Story , Script,  Screen Play , Dialogue was written by Kiran Khatiwada & Akash Kaduwal . Kiran Khatiwada has done many other works like Film Editing , Color Grade , Film D.O.P , Background Score , Cinematography , Casting Director etc. Here, the main leading actress was Kabita Baskey and Main leading Actor was Hasda Bayar. Assistant Director was Mr. Aakash Kaduwal. Music was Composed by Johna Kisku and Kiran khatiwada. There were other supporting artist , Rajan Baskey, Balaram Hemran , Dewan Tudu , Mohan Tudu  , Bikash Murmu.BONODAL was awarded in  Jharkhand  in two category i.e. Best Cinematography RASCA  award 2017 and in Best Jury Film AISFA Cine award 2017 . BONODAL was also nominated in 7 other category in RASCA award 2017 in the category like Best Director , Best Lyrics , Best Actress , Best Actor Supporting Role Male , Best Story , Best Music , Best Actor Character Role Male . And in 2 other category in AISFA Jharkhand Cine Awrad 2017  in the category like Best Actor Character Role Male , Best Actor Supporting Role Male